32TEN Studios Provides Practical Effects for “Elysium”


San Rafael, CA — “Elysium,” the TriStar Pictures release in association with Media Rights Capital that opened number one at the box office this weekend, featured a number of practical effects from 32TEN Studios.

The project came into the facility, then working as Kerner Optical, in 2011. The team built a 50’X50’ outdoor model of a section of Elysium at 1/12 scale. The model included buildings, houses and landscaping on the space station.

Another model, a Raven shuttle, was mounted on a traveling rig before it was crash landed onto the landscape set.

Seven cameras, some hidden in the landscape’s vegetation and other Red Epic cameras set up around the set, captured the action.

“Elysium” writer-director Neill Blomkamp was impressed with the realism of the chaos created in the miniature set during a visit to 32TEN Studios.

In an unusual procedure, the work at 32TEN was done well before principal photography even began, because the ensuing wreck had to be created on location and then matched precisely.

During post production, the team from Image Engine turned back to the FX Group within 32TEN Studios for explosion elements that had to look like they occurred in a zero gravity environment. It was actually a skill that members of 32TEN learned while working at Industrial Light & Magic during the “Star Wars” years.

“The team at 32TEN Studios is easy to work with, they understand the pressures, budgets and time constraints involved with complex productions, and are willing to be flexible in delivering exactly what is needed,” said Shawn Walsh, Visual Effects Producer for “Elysium.”

Peter Muyzers, Visual Effects Supervisor for “Elysium” added: “The practical effects team assembled at 32TEN Studios is unmatched in terms of experience. The shots they gave us were just what we needed, adding that extra layer of realism Neill Blomkamp was looking for.”

The 32TEN Studios “Elysium” team included FX Supervisor Geoff Heron, FX DP Carl Miller and FX DP Marty Rosenberg.