The Premier Production Facility in the Bay Area.

About Us

Who we are
Our management team of Tim Partridge and Greg Maloney have 45 years between them working at the highest level in the film industry all over the world. As a sound consultant at Dolby, Tim worked on over 100 feature films and in 43 countries.  As a Compositing Supervisor at ILM Greg worked on over 60 features including many blockbusters nominated for FX awards.
Our key staff are equally experienced, Office Manager Stephanie Taubert was a former roto artist at ILM for 15 years, Fabrication Supervisor Sean House has been a model maker and prop master in the Bay Area for over 15 years, Greg Beaumonte was in ILM's camera department for over 20 years and Geoff Heron, our special effects supervisor is highly regarded having worked on over 40 features with ILM during the past 20 years.
Beyond that there is a large pool of amazingly talented artists and technicians here in the Bay Area with similar experience including model makers, FX technicians, cinematographers and stage crew that make up our team.

What we do
We specialize in world class practical effects including models, miniatures and pyrotechnics. Post production services are also available as well as training workshops for tomorrow's VFX filmmakers. 32TEN also rents its sound stage and production facilities for all feature, commercial and TV projects.

Our mission
To provide a creative environment where current and future content creators can access the experience and talents of the Bay Area production community.
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