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The Premier Production Facility in the Bay Area.
Practical Effects Promo
Our principals talking about the legacy, and the future, of practical effects at 32TEN.
Watch it here

Our artists and technicians have been creating practical effects sequences for the past two decades on some of the biggest blockbuster movies of all time.  Practical effects using models and miniatures, together with element shots of water and fire offer unmatched realism required in today's movies.

The Sound Stage at 32TEN is one of the largest in the Bay Area and has been home to some of the most iconic effects sequences in film history. At almost 6000 square feet of usable space and 30 feet to the grid it can accomodate most shoots comfortably. Makeup room, wardrobe room and production offices are included when you rent.

32TEN Theater is a luxury 134 seat screening room with state of the art 3D digital projection.  This historic room was once used to mix soundtracks for major motion pictures and was also where the THX specification was developed. 

We also offer a
fabrication shop where our skilled artists can create anything from minature models to full size sets. A wood shop, paint shop and machine shop plus 3D printers allow us to make anything you need for your production including concept sculpts and specialty props.

Other Services
We also offer a complete CG pipeline for small to medium productions needing VFX work or finishing.
Associated companies based at 32TEN Studios also offer editing services, video production, commercial production, app development and VFX.
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