The Premier Production Facility in the Bay Area.

Model Shop and Fabrication

From miniatures to full scale sets our fabrication shop will build whatever you need.  For a quote contact 32TEN and ask for Sean House - Fabrication Supervisor.

Concept Models - it is usually easier to visualize a full scale set, a building, a space craft or a character when you have a sculpt or model to look at.  Our model makers can quickly make your ideas come to life using a variety of cost effective techniques from dense foam sculpts to 3D printed items.

Maquettes - see what your alien/monster/robot/creature will look like with a painted maquette crafted by our skilled artists.

Specialty Props - whether it is a weapon for your super hero or a simple time machine we can fulfill all your prop needs.

Models and miniatures - our artists have been making models and miniatures for blockbuster movies for over two decades.

Full scale sets - we can build your sets then move them onto the stage for filming or transport them to your location.

Motion Capture props  - whatever you need, as long as it's green (or blue) !
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