Cannibal Reign in Development at 32TEN

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32TEN Studios has optioned Thomas Koloniar’s debut novel “Cannibal Reign” and has plans to develop it into an episodic TV series.

Cannibal Reign is a post-apocalytpic non-stop thriller that follows several groups of survivors making their way in a cold, dark, nightmareish world after an asteroid wipes out much of North America.

One such group, with time to prepare, stocks and moves into an abandoned missile silo. Safe in their subterranean “Noah’s Ark” they are spared the horrors that are happening above ground, until they have to leave their sanctuary in a desperate attempt to be rescued.

It’s a story that we can’t wait to shoot, and we have plans to do so right here in the Bay Area.

While the book is being adapted for the small screen, 32TEN is planning to shoot a teaser trailer next month on the lot and on location.



Stay tuned for updates over the coming months.