Cannibal Reign

Genre: Post-apocalyptic thrillerCannibal Reign Book Cover

Format: Series — 13, one-hour episodes

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Synopsis: First, the asteroid slams into Earth, just north of the Montana border. Then come the earthquakes, tsunamis, and unending night. Then, the nightmare truly begins. Based on the Thomas Koloniar book of the same name, Cannibal Reign is a thrilling adventure that will keep viewers returning for more.


The Story: Astronomer Marty Chittenden has been tracking the deadly asteroid and was the first to recognize the approaching doom. Green Beret Jack Forrest, working from classified information, gathers a small community along with as many provisions as they can muster, and hunkers down in an abandoned missile silo.

When catastrophe strikes, the world as they know it ends instantly. Laws and morals break down. Savage bands terrorize, rape, pillage and devour whomever they come across.

Meanwhile, Astronomer Ester Thorn of the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii has been working on a project that offers humanity a slim hope of survival.

Running low on provisions and facing danger, Forrest’s small community is forced to leave their underground sanctuary and face the brutal new world above.

The race and battle is on as Forrest’s band and Chittenden fight their way to the Gemini Observatory and survival.