The Shops at 32TEN

The 32TEN Studios facility includes wood, machine, paint, 3D printing and assembly shops in order to design and manufacture models, maquettes, props and sets. While tidy much of the time, this is where the sawdust flies at 32TEN as artists and carpenters build intricate models that are set for explosion.

Beyond the movie business, 32TEN has helped concept and create architectural models, museum models and prototypes for inventors.

Fabrication Projects


Production Services

The pros at 32TEN know how to bring any production from idea to post. Utilize our network, work on our stage, tap our experience for your project.

Practical Effects

32TEN’s artists, model makers, technicians and cinematographers use models and miniatures, fire and water, and any other element available to anchor amazing film action scenes to reality.


Miniatures, concept models, prototypes, full-size sets, maquettes and specialty props are fabricated onsite in 32TEN’s wood, machine, paint and assembly shops.