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The Millennium Falcon — Solo Cup Style

32TEN Studios model makers and designers have a long history with the Star Wars universe dating back to The Empire Strikes Back. The history, though, had not included creating a model of the Millennium Falcon out of red Solo cups until now. In anticipation of the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, 32TEN was […]

Celebrating “Star Wars” at Forty

32TEN Studios in San Rafael was proud to co-host a very special reunion of the special and visual effects teams who worked on the first three “Star Wars” films. People came from all over to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Episode IV’s release, reminisce about the ground-breaking productions (and crazy schedules!), and catch up with […]

Cannibal Reign in Development at 32TEN

32TEN Studios has optioned Thomas Koloniar’s debut novel “Cannibal Reign” and has plans to develop it into an episodic TV series. Cannibal Reign is a post-apocalytpic non-stop thriller that follows several groups of survivors making their way in a cold, dark, nightmareish world after an asteroid wipes out much of North America. One such group, […]