The team of 32TEN artists and cinematographers have a decades long history of creating realistically spectacular practical effects.

32TEN clients have found that practical effects are just the right added ingredient to enhance scenes otherwise created with CGI.

Models and miniatures are ideal when the scene calls for the destruction of a set piece that isn’t feasible at full scale or one that doesn’t actually exist.

Adding organic practical elements — water, smoke, pyrotechnics, dust, ground impacts, bullet hits, muzzle flares or explosions — to scenes created with CGI add just the right amount of reality to bring any scene to life.

From models and miniatures to full-sized sets, custom designed rigging, water tanks or pyrotechnics, 32TEN can add blockbuster action to any film, television or commercial production.

Scenes from 32TEN’s Practical Effects Dates

Practical Effects Projects

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Practical Effects & Elements
32TEN Studios was honored to be asked to contribute to the culmination of the "Star Wars" story. We knew we had a challenge on our hands when renowned VFX Supervisor Roger Guyett said he wanted to see something he'd never seen before, but we were up for it.

Rogue One

Practical Effects & Elements
32TEN Studios returned to its roots, providing various practical effects and practical elements for the latest Lucasfilm "Star Wars" influenced feature film "Rogue One."

Jurassic World

Models, Pick-Up Shots, Practical Effects & Elements
This Universal Pictures record-breaking thriller follows Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) as they try to keep park visitors safe during a catastrophic event at Jurassic World, a prehistoric theme park. 32TEN Studios designed and built a number of models, created a handful of practical elements and effects and filmed a number of pick-up shots.


Practical Effects
The visual effects team at Industrial Light & Magic filled a tall order while creating the imaginary world of Tomorrowland. In the midst of those magical CGI sets, ILM wanted to bring a sense of reality to the scene where Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) sees her family’s house under water.

Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Models, Practical Effects, Practical Elements
The latest chapter in the Transformers franchise, “Age of Extinction” follows the Autobots during an escape from a bounty hunter. The Michael Bay directed film bowed on June 27, 2014. 32TEN Studios shot practical effects to bring realism to a pivotal scene.


Practical Elements
The biblical story of the man and his mission to survive a great flood comes to life with star Russell Crowe and director Darren Aronofsky. The box office hit featured a number of practical effects produced at 32TEN Studios.

Pacific Rim

Models, Practical Effects, Practical Elements
This action packed sci-fi film featured a handful of brave soldiers battling a cast of monstrous sea creatures bent on destroying humanity. 32TEN Studios provided practical effects, including a 1/4th scale floor of office cubicles that was then destroyed.


Production Services

The pros at 32TEN know how to bring any production from idea to post. Utilize our network, work on our stage, tap our experience for your project.

Practical Effects

32TEN’s artists, model makers, technicians and cinematographers use models and miniatures, fire and water, and any other element available to anchor amazing film action scenes to reality.


Miniatures, concept models, prototypes, full-size sets, maquettes and specialty props are fabricated onsite in 32TEN’s wood, machine, paint and assembly shops.