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32TEN Studios is a hub for filmmakers, visual artists, and creatives of every stripe. Throughout its history, the facility has been the launch pad for projects as grand as Hollywood blockbusters and as ambitious as imaginative web videos.

The 32TEN production team has longstanding relationships with a broad network of San Francisco Bay Area artists, technicians, and production experts whose credits include films, TV shows, commercials, and web videos. Highly skilled and experienced in everything from budgeting to shooting to post, these pros can execute any size production.

Moreover, 32TEN is home to veteran Bay Area cinematic visionaries who have an extensive list of blockbuster credits as well as a keen eye for engaging stories and dramatic effects. At the same time, the 32TEN crew are investigating new technologies and how each can be used to create compelling visuals.

It all comes to life at 32TEN Studios, which includes a 6,000-square-foot soundstage with a 60-foot green screen, production offices, wardrobe and make-up rooms, model and set fabrication shops, special effects equipment, and a 135-seat screening room.

Scenes from 32TEN’s Production Dates

Watch the 32TEN Studios Promotional video to get a complete overview of our Production Services capabilities.

Production Services Projects

Cannibal Reign

Concept, scripting, shooting, editing, post production
32TEN Studios produced a teaser trailer for an original production, Cannibal Reign.

The 32TEN Campus

The Sound Stage

Scenes have been shot all over the 32TEN Studios lot, including the 6,000-square-foot sound stage, on the parking lot between shops and in the field right outside the fence.


74’ wide X 78’ deep — approximately 6,000 useable square feet
30’ to full walking grid
60’ X 31’ two wall coved cyc, 20’ tall
16’ X 16’ X 4’ pit
3,000 amps, 3 phase
4 evacuation ceiling fans
20’ X 20’ loading door




Booking is confirmed upon receipt of 50 percent deposit, a signed rental agreement and a Certificate of Insurance. Some cancellation fees may apply.

Production offices, as well as make-up and wardrobe rooms, included.

Contact us by phone (800) 717-3210 or email for rates.

The Theater

The 32TEN Theater is a luxury, 134-seat screening room with 3D digital projection. Originally installed in 1980, and the room where the groundbreaking THX specification was developed, the theater is available for screenings and dailies.

134 seats
36’ screen
2K Digital Cinema Projection
Barco projector, Dolby Digital Cinema Server
Dolby 3D system
Dolby Digital Audio 5.1 system
Formats: DCP, Blu-ray, DVD, PC

Insurance Quotes


Booking is confirmed upon receipt of 50 percent deposit, a signed rental agreement and a Certificate of Insurance. Some cancellation fees may apply.

Contact us by phone (800) 717-3210 or email for availability.


Production Services

The pros at 32TEN know how to bring any production from idea to post. Utilize our network, work on our stage, tap our experience for your project.

Practical Effects

32TEN’s artists, model makers, technicians and cinematographers use models and miniatures, fire and water, and any other element available to anchor amazing film action scenes to reality.


Miniatures, concept models, prototypes, full-size sets, maquettes and specialty props are fabricated onsite in 32TEN’s wood, machine, paint and assembly shops.