Cannibal Reign

Original Content: Cannibal Reign

32TEN Studios optioned Thomas Koloniar’s debut gripping post-apocalyptic novel “Cannibal Reign” with plans to develop it into an episodic TV series.

To drive interest, the 32TEN Studios production team created a four-minute pitch piece. Shot at multiple locations and on the sound stage at 32TEN Studios, the trailer brought the show’s promise to life.

32TEN worked with writer/director Phil Hudson, who had already written a TV pilot adapted from the book. The team chose a handful of key scenes that could be shot in and around the studio, and at relatively low expense — this was just a pitch piece after all!

The team built out two sets on the stage at 32TEN, dressed out two other rooms in the studio, and prepped the back lot for the main fight scene.

Two off-site locations — the amazing Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, which stood in for the Hawaiian observatory, and a long desolate dirt road in Marin where the desperate community could make their escape by convoy — were scouted and secured.

Local casting director Michael Ching came on to help find actors during two days of auditions at the studio. All of the actors where local, as were the crew of PAs, set builders, prop makers, makeup artists, grips, and stuntmen. Fifty friends and family joined in the fun as extras.

Local DP Don Starnes and Director Phil Hudson made sure all the shots were covered. 32TEN’s Tim Partridge produced the piece and also acted as Assistant Director.

Ten scenes, including a night-time battle between our fleeing community and a group of hungry cannibals, were shot over four days.

Post production wrapped in two weeks.

The trailer was premiered in the THX Theater at 32TEN Studios for cast and crew. All were blown away with the production values achieved on such a small budget.

Click HERE to see the trailer.

The trailer is being shown to various television outlets. Follow the News page for updates.