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Some amazing things have happened on the soundstage at 32TEN Studios over the years, but one of the most magical came when the Grateful Dead settled in to rehearse for their “Fare Thee Well” shows in Santa Clara and Chicago. While the band was on location, 32TEN was asked to fabricate various pieces of gear for the tour.

A couple of months later, the super group spin off Dead and Company needed a little something special for their New Year’s Eve concert at the Los Angeles Forum. So, they called on 32TEN again. The request was classic Dead — a flying joint that could hold Trixie, Jerry Garcia’s daughter, and longtime Grateful Dead rep Bernie Cahill as it crisscrossed the arena over the audience’s head.

The 16-foot-long “joint” was built with a steel frame and then wrapped in canvas. Bringing the ride to life were LED lights to light up the front and a portable smoke machine for the back.

Longtime Deadhead, and former NBA Allstar Bill Walton, who was dressed up as Father Time, welcomed the joint to the stage.


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