First Person/General Electric Story

General Electric, a company dedicated to finding intelligent solutions across a multitude of industries, needed a way to explain how digital information is used to enable highly efficient power generation and consumption. The company turned to First Person, a San Francisco-based creative agency, to solve that puzzle.

First Person came up with an amazingly innovative exhibit consisting of a detailed physical model of the entire power infrastructure that displayed each step of the process from generation through distribution to consumption. The agency then would use Augmented Reality (AR) — computer generated images placed over the model — to bring the model to life and tell their story.

The exhibit is called the EVN — Electricity Value Network Experience and it highlights GE’s vision for the future of the energy industry in an easy to comprehend way that’s never been seen before.

32TEN Studios was tapped to fabricate the physical models used in the exhibit. In order for the AR to work perfectly, 32TEN needed to match the agency’s digital designs precisely. To execute, 32TEN used a combination of 3D printing and traditional model fabrication techniques.

To add a more realistic touch, 32TEN motorized the turbines in the wind farm and created practical steam effects for the cooling towers and the smokestacks in the power plants. The exhibit is now travelling the world telling its powerful story to GE customers everywhere.

“Combining physical and digital technologies was very ambitious and challenging, but the end result was outstanding,” says 32TEN Studios’ President Tim Partridge.

Marcello Grande, First Person’s Chief Creative Officer, says: “32TEN shared their imagination and brought a cinematic magic to the EVN in a way that we couldn’t find anywhere else. When we unveiled the project for the first time, the audience was blown away by the miniature universe of electricity, which was really a reflection of their own industry, and it was awesome.”


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