Jurassic World Gates at New York Comic-Con

Challenge & Solution

Fans of the Universal Pictures’ record-breaking blockbuster Jurassic World got the welcome-to-the-park experience at New York Comic Con after walking through 34-feet-tall, 60-feet-wide gates built by 32TEN.

These gates were modeled on the 19-foot set pieces that were designed, built, and filmed by 32TEN for the movie earlier in the year. The dimensions of the available space at Javits Center meant 32TEN had to change the proportions of the gates while maintaining the essence of the originals. Concept artists provided a handful of options for Universal.

The 32TEN construction crew, led by Construction Coordinator Ben Nichols, designed and built the life-sized Jurassic World gates on the 32TEN sound stage due to their enormous size. In fact, the gates were never fully assembled until they arrived in New York City.

The towers were steel framed and skinned with plywood. Scenic painting and flame effect torches brought the piece to life.

When the gates arrived at Javits Center, the team put them together and added on-site vegetation, smoke machines, and a 14-foot-tall walking raptor.

We Provided

Fabrication, Modeling