32TEN Helps Brightidea Blast Off

Challenge & Solution

Brightidea, a San Francisco-based enterprise software company, was planning its first user conference and wanted to do something to make it memorable.

The company had rented two floors of an event space on Market Street, nailed the theme “Think Bigger,” and developed the title of their conference “Synthesize.”

Yet, event planners wanted to take it to another level. Make that, another stratosphere. To match the conference’s logo — a retro rocket ship flying through space —planners wanted it to appear that a retro rocket ship was bursting through the two floors of the event space.

Model Supervisor Mark Anderson oversaw the project at 32TEN. He started with a digital model, using the plan to laser cut pieces of wood to build a lightweight internal structure. Fabric, typically used for light aircraft, was brought in from Germany and stretched over that skeleton. The fabric provided a panelized steel appearance. Four fins offered the stability needed to balance the 20-foot model.

The piece was designed and built in sections to fit through the doors of the event center. The ground floor hosted the bottom half of the rocket, the second floor featured the top. Panel rivets, internal lighting effects, a smoke machine, and logos were added to the rocket. Then the floor was dressed with debris.

“Not only are the guys at 32TEN serious pros, they were the easiest people to work with on our project. They communicated with us throughout the entire process, sending us photos at each step of the way, and were very attentive in ensuring there were no surprises,” said Celia Seib, Sales Operations Manager and Event Planner at Brightidea.

“We were very impressed with how smoothly they went from concept to execution, not only did the build and its finishing details exceed our expectations but so did their thoroughness and attention to detail when it came to putting it all together on site.”



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