Challenge & Solution

Industrial Light and Magic asked the team at 32TEN Studios to provide simulated rain, crashing waves and smoke effects to be used during the post production process.

“The practical effects shot by 32TEN, when combined with our CG work, helped us create realistic images for this story,” said ILM VFX Supervisor Phillippe Rebours.

The practical rain shots, used during the battle between Noah and the armies of Tubal-cain, were created on 32TEN’s Sound Stage.

In addition to that effect, 32TEN provided practical elements for the waves crashing against the ark and nearby rocks.


Industrial Light & Magic

We Provided

Practical Elements

Geoff Heron led the building of the rig, which was 20 feet high and 6 feet wide. Approximately 500 gallons of water were dumped down the ramp to create a wave that appeared to be 20 stories high.

“With water, nothing beats the real thing, especially when it is relatively close to camera,” said Greg Maloney 32TEN FX Producer. “There is a lot of prep for each gag, and a lot of clean up afterwards, but it is worth it for the realism it brings to the shot.”

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