Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Challenge & Solution

How better to make it look like anything and everything metal is flying through the sky than actually having anything and everything metal flying through the sky?

That was the challenge that 32TEN Studios was presented by the VFX team from ILM while working on the scene where bounty hunter Lockdown flew his ship low over Hong Kong, sucking up anything metal in his search for Optimus Prime. Since the objects were to be close to the camera, it made sense to use the real thing.

So, 32TEN went out and collected as much metal as they could find: shopping carts, safety barriers, air conditioning units, tables and chairs, baby buggies, bicycles, mopeds and even a boat and a car.

“Each object was either rigged to be lifted, sometimes with a stuntman attached, or raised 40 feet in the air to be dropped,” reports 32TEN’s FX Producer Greg Maloney. “We also provided elements for other scenes of destruction, including 1/4 scale A/C units and air cannons firing thousands of recyclable materials across a freeway.”


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