The F.I.O.N.A. Prototype

Genre: Science Fiction

Format: Feature Film

Synopsis: It’s tomorrow’s love story — a man falls in love with the world’s first lifelike female robot. The two go on the run from the megacorporation that built her to keep their relationship together. Philip Hudson’s story and script is an imaginative look at an interesting stage of A.I. development that has yet to be seen on screen.

The Story: Gordon wants to meet the perfect woman, but his poor social skills act as a repellent.

He’s introduced to Fiona, the world’s first lifelike robot. Her mission is to convince him that she’s human and get him to fall in love with her. Once she’s accomplished the mission, Saber Robotics the corporation that built her arrives to retrieve their invention.But, she’s fallen in love and doesn’t want to leave.

Gordon overcomes his struggles and doubts about loving a robot and he takes Fiona on the run. The two face danger together, running from Saber Robotics, determined to stay together.