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Solo Millennium Falcon 1

32TEN Studios model makers and designers have a long history with the Star Wars universe dating back to The Empire Strikes Back. The history, though, had not included creating a model of the Millennium Falcon out of red Solo cups until now.

In anticipation of the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, 32TEN was approached by Lucasfilm to see if we’d be interested in bringing the legendary ship to life as it appears in the upcoming film. The answer was a quick yes, and after receiving the 3D CG model, Sean House, Chris Scott, and Todd D’Amario got to work.

Step one: convert the 3D CG model to 2D plans for the laser cutter.

Step two: construct the substructure out of wood and plex.

Step three: skin the Falcon with hundreds of red Solo products.

Sean, Chris and Todd were visited by Star Wars luminaries Lorne Peterson (ILM Chief Model Maker, The Empire Strikes Back), Pete Ronzani (ILM Armature Designer, Return of the Jedi), Charlie Bailey (ILM Chief Model Maker, Return of the Jedi) and Bill George (ILM Model Maker, Return of the Jedi) throughout the process.

Three weeks later, the team unveiled the project during a Solobration at 32TEN Studios. Folks from Lucasfilm, ILM, and the cast from The Star Wars Show were on hand.

The model was such a hit that Lucasfilm showed it off at one of the film’s premiere events in Los Angeles.

Check out The Star Wars Show here. Click to 7:11 to see the story. Apologies to Marvel Studio president Kevin Feige.

Check out these images from the build at 32Ten:

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