We Are Reality Makers

Our crew of artists, fabricators, cinematographers, and producers is ready to bring your project to life.


32TEN Studios is a leading provider of production services, practical effects, and model fabrication. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, 32TEN has experience in the motion picture, television, and commercial industries. 32TEN’s principals have decades of experience in the local production community and can staff any type of project.


Production Services

The pros at 32TEN know how to bring any production from idea to post. Utilize our network, work on our stage, tap our experience for your project.

Practical Effects

32TEN’s artists, model makers, technicians and cinematographers use whatever it takes -models, miniatures, fire and water-to anchor amazing film action scenes to reality.


Miniatures, concept models, prototypes, full- size sets, maquettes and specialty props are fabricated onsite in 32TEN’s wood, machine, paint and assembly shops.


Feature films, television shows, commercials, and all sorts of creative endeavors started on our stage. Reach out to us for technical specs, rates, and insurance requirements.

The Basics

74’ wide X 78’ deep (approx. 6,000 useable square feet)

60’ X 31’ two-wall coved cyc, 20’ tall

16’ X 16’ X 4’ pit

Power: 3,000 amps, 3 phase

20’ X 20’ loading door