Pacific Rim

Challenge & Solution

Even the most out-of-this-world stories need the occasional touch of reality and the team at 32TEN Studios added that for the Guillermo del Toro helmed “Pacific Rim.”

32TEN Studios worked on behalf of client Industrial Light and Magic, reporting directly to ILM VFX Producer Susan Greenhow. ILM VFX Supervisors John Knoll and Lindy DeQuattro supervised the shots.

Since the film was presented in 3D, 32TEN Studios was also asked to shoot its contributing shots in 3D. To accomplish that, 32TEN used Red Epic cameras on 3D rigs.

The primary scene produced at 32TEN came when an interior floor of an office building — filled with fully dressed 1/4 scale office cubicles — was destroyed by the fist of a “Jaeger” robot. For the 3D scenes, 32TEN built a separate pneumatically controlled rig with 3D cameras that followed the fist through the office.


Industrial Light & Magic

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Models / Practical Effects / Practical Elements

32TEN also delivered a shot where several rows of seats in a soccer stadium were blown apart when a Jaeger landed in the stadium. The section, built 1/4 scale, was blown apart by air cannons.

ILM’s compositing team also used several practical elements — dust clouds, breaking glass and water effects — from 32TEN.

Lindy DeQuattro, the Co-Visual Effects Supervisor from ILM, said: “The key to successful effects work is to use the right tool for each job. We love to use practical effects whenever it makes sense because the inherent serendipity in special effects work gives us a level of realism that can be difficult to achieve in CG. The team at 32TEN Studios built beautiful models for us and then utterly destroyed them. The results were spectacular and the blending of these practical effects with our CG work brought the entire project up to a higher level of realism.”